Summer dreaming

There is nothing more British than talking about the weather, but when all you’re faced with is endless days of rain, more rain, and yep, even MORE rain, the idea of summer becomes like some kind of distant memory that you can’t quite touch. This time last year we were deep into a heatwave that was truly glorious. Blue sky days stretched ahead for miles, sandals were the only footwear option and if I had to wear more than two items of clothing it felt like too much.

Fast forward one year and my most worn item is my bright pink raincoat. Black tights, winter clothes that had been pushed right to the back and waterproof shoes are the only things to pull out of the wardrobe. The idea of turning on the heating seems like bliss. Call me gutted.

I am physically longing for the summer, yearning for those sun-kissed days of endless outdoors, when you have to literally drag yourself inside because being outside is just sheer joy…

To pull myself out of the lull I’m revisiting the summer of 2018. I’m seeking memories, inspiration, anything to get me out of the moody slump that comes with grey, rainy days.


Pink wine is summer in a glass. Chilled to perfection, the palest of blush from the sun dappled vineyards of Provence, held up against the brightest of blues before that first tantalising sip of sharp sunshine….best served with a side of garden bench, long lazy evenings that come to a close as the sun dips its head goodnight…


The bluest of blues and wispy whites, there’s nothing better than gazing up into the sky, the grass beneath you, the taste of summer within easy reach, lunch breaks that stretch into oblivion because you need of that delicious warmth on bare skin…


Light, frothy, barely there…the summer wardrobe is like nothing else. Packed away for so long each year, the smell of sunshine as you slowly unfurl the flowers for another year, bare freckled skin kissed by the sun, the yearning to just get home so you can strip away the day…

I want it all.

I want it now.

Oh summer, please come soon…

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