A life update

Considering that January seemed to last F O R E V E R, February and March have made up for that by truly flying by! Whenever I say that it always makes me feel really old as it’s what you hear from the older generation a lot, but there’s a reason why they go round saying “eeee time flies when you’re older” so much – because it’s completely true!

The main culprit for the time flying is work – both mine and Dave’s. I’ve been crazy busy with big announcements, buzzing excitement and trying to keep on top of my ever growing email inbox. For Dave, who finishes work forever (well, until he gets bored) in 8 days, his last few are spent desperately trying to finish off a project that is the equivalent of flogging a dead horse. It’s stressful, has led to sleepless nights, lots of worry and frustration and a desperate urge for the end of March to just be over. Never have I wished for the end of a month more.

It seems unfair to dangle the words big announcement in front of you and then not say anything further so I’ll put that right. The big news (and it truly is HUGE) is that the Radio 1 Big Weekend is coming to Middlesbrough!! This would be amazing no matter what, but I will basically be involved in a work capacity and to say I am absolutely buzzing would be a huge understatement! We’ve known about it for months and it’s honestly been one of the hardest secrets that I’ve ever kept! Announcement day was like no other work day I’ve ever experienced. I was so excited, I literally felt drunk. A truly crazy start to the day! And every time someone tried to say anything remotely grumpy about it we were just all over them like a couple of giddy school girls. It was brilliant!

As the names get bigger and the date gets nearer, I have to work very hard not to squeal out loud in excitement every time one of the Radio 1 DJs says Middlesbrough in that oh-so-casual way. The thing is, I’ve been listening to Radio 1 my whole life and even though I fall way out of their average listener age (15-29 in case you’re interested) I still tune in daily for my fix. So this, coming to my home town, and being involved through work…there are no words. If I get to meet Stormzy I’m probably going to wet my pants. Can. Not. Wait.

Other life stuff is just average in comparison really! Lots of chilling out time. Lots of catching up with TV shows – currently loving Baptiste, the second series of This Is Us, Derry Girls and Race Across the World.

We went to the cinema last night and saw Green Book which I absolutely loved. The soundtrack was amazing too so I’ve already added that to my playlists. It’s definitely worth a shout out for the refurbished seats at Showcase Teesside: life-changing cinema experience. I’m not sure I can ever go anywhere now that doesn’t have reclining seats and about six feet of legroom in front of you. Bliss!

Today I’m pottering about in my kitchen, making soup for the week and a birthday cake. Just got to ice it now and work on that drizzly Nutella thing – wish me luck! The cake is for my work buddy, who previously owned the *best* place to get cake in town so no pressure at all really. I just hope it works out okay! Fingers crossed.

How’s your February and March been? Let me know if you’ve had any exciting things happening too!

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