A weekend in Woolwich

I went to London last weekend. For the first time in 4 years. 4 years! How did that happen? First of all, I used to live there and I never ever believed that I would want to leave (that’s probably a story for another time). And second of all, how had it been so long?! I’m still trying to work that one out…

London Town. The Big Smoke. Our glorious capital and a strange old place indeed. It’s oh so busy, it’s properly dirty (black snot anyone?!) and frankly it scares the flipping life out of me now. I can’t take the pace. Why is everyone always in such a hurry? I am totally that person meandering along, getting in the way of every single person as I gaze around me at all the adverts on the tunnel walls – who let the northern hick in to the big city! Ha!

The main purpose for the visit was to catch up with friends who I’ve barely seen this year. None of this touristing malarkey for me, nope, give me a brunch and a lunch and let’s talk! Friend number 1 lives in Woolwich, over the river and far away, but don’t be fooled by the distance as I’m here to tell you all about the charm of the place. They don’t build cross-rails just anywhere you know…

So let me introduce you to fair Woolwich – a quick hop, skip and a jump and you find yourself wandering along the Thames – Canary Wharf in the distance with its flashing beacon. There’s all kinds of fabulous things to see from the amazing architecture, to public art, funky former markets turned into cool street-eateries, and lots of yummy food in between with some serious interior #goals and that was just Saturday night/Sunday morning.

During the day on Saturday, I’d been one of those demanding visitors and asked to see some serious Autumn sights and to visit somewhere I’d never been before. Friend no. 1 did not let me down. Cue Lesnes Abbey – described as a ‘natural jewel in South East London’ I can 100% agree with this. Who even knew you could see such sights in London Town?! It was absolutely stunning and the Autumn gold, coupled with golden hour made it like 25 times better!

If you’re ever there I can highly recommend a visit to the food hatch too. We had a delicious hot chocolate with both chocolate and cinnamon sprinkled on the top, and a coconut and jam slice that was flipping divine! All of the food sounded deelish and we wished that we’d gone there for our midday snack – one for next time for sure!

We topped off the whole weekend watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2 and making a huge/yummy Sunday roast!

On Monday morning I met up with friend number 2 at Kings Cross and we headed out to the new area at the back of the station that’s been redeveloped – Coal Drops Yard. I might have eaten even more poached eggs on sourdough toast #noregrets and I might also have not stopped talking for about two hours straight. It was a well overdue catch-up and even though it was short and sweet, we got through a lot of stuff and started planning our next visit.

Feeling completely satisfied that the weekend of catching up had been well and truly fulfilled I headed back to the station for my train north. Turns out that even though London is crazy busy and makes me feel a little nervous-nelly, it will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s where some of my favourite people live ❤️

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